There is more and more converging evidence about levels of perfectionism and psychological well being!

As psychologists we talk about different types of perfectionism in relation to the standards we set. We define perfectionism related to the standards we set ourselves, perfectionism related to how we view the performance of others and finally perfectionism related to how we perform in respect to the appraised standards of others. 

So its complicated!  However, striving for high standards is not a problem in and of itself, in fact it can be helpful in terms of us achieving things in life, at home and at work. It also does not appear to matter how high we set our standards for things. Ok so what’s why is it potentially a problem?

Well, we are learning that it is often how we talk to ourselves that is most important especially when we don’t meet the different types of standards mentioned above. If we end up giving ourselves a hard time or are overly critical of ourselves on a recurrent basis we can really start to suffer. Another big factor appears to be our own “psychological flexibility” in respect to the standards we set ourselves.

So the main message is don’t stop striving and aspiring but learn to be a bit kinder to yourself when you don’t achieve what it is your aiming for. 

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